Our Solutions

Metazura Solutions

We are building in-house solutions around Health, Work and Virtual Shopping.


An immersive VR, more affordable and real-world environment offering an anonymous platform for patients and health experts to meet and exchange as Avatars MetaTherapy – An advanced solution enabled with the latest technology and value propositions for both the patients and therapists.

Metazura Education

An immersive online learning platform with a diverse portfolio of virtual learning solutions. The solution includes learning spaces for developing specific skills in which learners are exposed to a situation related to the skill they wish to develop.

Digital Colleague

Brings new levels of social connectedness, mobility, and collaboration to a world of virtual work. Digital colleague introduces a new concept in the metaverse working environment with a highly realistic, AI-powered, human-like bots

Our Application

We Provide VR Applications

Metaverse Gaming Space

At MZ we help launch metaverse games and gaming spaces to host games.

Metaverse E-Commerce Platform

We help brands offer an immersive shopping experience for their online shoppers.

Digital Twins and Simulations

We helps create and integrate digital models (twins) of physical objects.

3D Venues

We help businesses in creating 3D venues (e.g. Metaverse Conference Halls) in the metaverse.

Metaverse Healthcare

The metaverse is expanding healthcare capacities to offer new solutions to old problems.


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